Chef Greg Giancaterino

Hi! I’m Chef Greg Giancaterino.

Growing up in South Philly, I have been surrounded my entire life by people who are passionate about food. Italian-Americans show their love through food, and that passion inspired what I do. I started my food journey at Mancini’s in Philly, and went on to work at America’s oldest Italian restaurant, Ralphs’ Italian. By the time I eventually left the East Coast for Los Angeles, in 2008, I went away with a solid foundation in both traditional wisdom and practical professional experience. In LA, I cooked at hot spots, like Bestia DTLA, and Culina, at The Four Seasons Los Angeles. Today I’m still at The Four Seasons, constantly crafting and refining my culinary point of view.

On my time off, most days you can find me experimenting in the kitchen of one friend or another. Despite now living 3,000 miles away from South Philly, my roots are still very much planted amidst those rowhomes and tiny, neighborhood spots. I will be forever influenced by the warmth and history of my hometown in terms of my approach, perspective and, of course, my cooking. Whether I’m back home in a cramped kitchen, or in some of the fanciest restaurants or pop-ups on the West Coast; the key ingredient I always bring to the table is passion; the greatest gift given to me by the matriarchs of my Italian family.

I have over 15 years of experience in multi-regional Italian and Mediterranean cooking, built on a foundation of family inspiration, and refined by formal restaurant experience. My focus is on bold flavors, texture contrast, and local ingredients. I’m blessed to have worked with amazing chefs across the country. Now it’s my time to “show you what I got.”

Here it is: I give you The Goods!