Asian Style Beef Tenderloin

Serves 2
Preparation Time 10 MINS
Total Time 40 MINS
difficulty EASY

Step by step video tutorial at the end of recipe.


Step One

Chop the filet into 1 inch cubes, and marinate at room temperature for 25 minutes, with lemongrass, garlic, half the amount of the five spice powder and the oyster sauce.

Step Two

In a very hot frying pan or wok, add oil and quickly sear the beef on all sides, but don’t cook it all the way through. Once seared, fill the bowl you had the oyster sauce in with two tablespoons of water and deglaze the pan with it. Remove the beef and place in a separate bowl. 


Step Three

Wash out your pan or get a new one, get it nice and hot, add in the vegetable oil followed by the cabbage, red onion, scallions and Thai chilies. Only crack open the chilies if you like a lot of heat. Make sure not to overcook the cabbage, as the crunch adds a nice texture to the finished dish. 


Step Four

Once the cabbage has a nice char, add in the asparagus spears followed by the beef.

Step Five

Cook on high heat for a couple more minutes and add in the rest of your five spice powder and a sprinkle of black pepper. If necessary, add a couple more tablespoons of water and stir the pan to make the dish saucier.


Serving Suggestion

Serve with some jasmine rice and enjoy!