Pan Roasted New York Steak

Pan Roasted New York Steak

Prime beef with garlicky greens + honey balsamic grilled radicchio

Serves 2
Preparation Time 25 mins
Total Time 45 mins
difficulty easy

You don’t have to be on the East Coast to enjoy prime tender NY cuts of meat.


Step One

Fire up the grill! If you do not have access to one don’t worry, start heating a Sauté pan.

Step Two

Slice radicchio into two halves. Season with salt, pepper and one tbsp evoo. Place cut side on the grill. After 2 minutes rotate to create “hashtag” grill marks. If you do not have a grill handy you can use a Sauté pan and sear for 4 minutes with a small amount of olive oil.

Step Three

Season the steaks with salt and pepper. Heat an iron skillet until you start to see a faint layer of smoke coming off of the bottom of the pan. Place half tbsp of olive oil and the butter in the pan.

Step Four

Add steaks to the pan along with thyme and one clove of garlic – lightly smashed. Cook for 3 minutes on high heat and then gently turn your steaks over and repeat. Baste the steaks by spooning the butter butter and oil on top. This will create a nutty flavor and stop the meat from becoming dry.

Step Five

Remove steaks from pan and pour out excess oils. Cut the thick part of the stems off of the broccolini and rinse under cold water. Pat dry. Smash the remaining clove of garlic and add to pan with half tbsp olive oil. Immediately add broccolini and char each side for a few minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Let the cooking carry over by leaving broccoli in the pan until you are ready to eat. 

Step Six

Drizzle honey and saba dressing across radicchio. Cut both pieces into one inch squares. Divide up the veggies into two plates. Slice the steaks “tagliata” style which is usually a half inch thick on a bias and against the grain. You are now ready to enter a state of prime NY steak bliss

Plating Suggestion

You should always try to keep some coarse sea salt flakes handy in your pantry. Sprinkle lightly on your steak to enhance the buttery flavor even more.