Rigatoni Salsiccia

Serves 4-6 PEOPLE
Preparation Time 10 MINUTES
Total Time 25 MINUTES
difficulty EASY


Step One

It is very important to have all of your ingredients together before you place the pasta in the water. Start heating 4-6 quarts of water in a large pot over high heat. Once the water begins to boil, add 2 tablespoons of salt. At the same time, start heating a large frying pan (preferably with a deep body) over high heat as well.

Step Two

Drop the pasta in the water. Immediately, add oil and anchovy paste to the hot frying pan. Stir and add sausage. Spread evenly around the pan. Cook for five minutes, stirring occasionally until golden brown.


Step Three

When the sausage begins to brown, add the chopped garlic. As the garlic begins to turn a golden color, deglaze with sauvignon blanc. Let the wine reduce halfway. Now you can add the lemon zest and half of the parsley.


Step Four

At this point, the rigatoni should be ready. I used a spider or handheld strainer to remove the pasta, but you can use a colander as long as you save a cup or two of the pasta water. Add the strained pasta to the pan, along with pecorino romano, butter, and a cup of pasta water. Be sure to taste your pasta water for salination in order to not over salt the dish. Stir everything rapidly with a wooden spoon until creamy. Reserve the other cup of pasta water in case you need more liquid.


Serving Suggestion

Finish your dishes with more grated pecorino romano. Enjoy with a glass of crisp white wine!